Estate Agents. Don’t you love them? Take a couple of photos of the property, add some standard hyperbole description, think of a price that will give them the most commission, place an advert and then wait for the buyer to come to them. Once a buyer is found, pass it to the solicitors and wait for the money to roll in. You’ll only hear from them after that if they start getting anxious that they’re going to have to wait too long for their commission.

Which brings me to my next point. Upon what factors do they base the amount of their commission? Their qualifications? Nope, most estate agents have no (or no meaningful) qualifications. The amount of work they do? Nope, can’t be that, otherwise the commission would be about twenty-five quid. Ah yes, the price! So, the solicitors, who are highly qualified, subjected to rigorous control and do all the work get about a tenth of what the estate agents get. Trouble is, estate agents have our profession by the short and curlies, and they know it, passing matters to their preferred firms or, worse still, some crappy cut-priced conveyancing outfit.

And the scourge of estate agents doesn’t stop there. Apart from various dodgy practices recently unveiled in a BBC documentary, they help push up property prices so that the poor sods at the bottom of the market can’t afford to get on the ‘property ladder’.


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