And the best thing about Christmas is…

December 21, 2006

…being spared, for one week at least, the depression of reading the headlines in The Law Society’s Gazette. As the cheerless staff of the Gazette take their Xmas break, solicitors will not have to read about legal aid cuts, competition from all and sundry, outside interference and all the other threats to the profession that this publication gleefully imparts.

Almost makes you want to agree with the idiot who said “I wish it could be Christmas every day”.


Enjoyed the Rioja

December 14, 2006

Just been to the Blawgers Annual Conference. Total waste of time, except for the booze…oh, and seeing Ruthie in her pink leathers.

Masochists only apply

December 1, 2006

In this post nearlylegal and one of his commenters suggest that many lawyers have a complete disregard for clients. Maybe this has something to do with the type of clients we have to deal with these days, for example:

  • The probate client, who can’t wait to get their hands on their (obviously unmissed) deceased relative’s money, and is therefore always complaining about how long it is taking to wind up the estate.
  • The conveyancing client, who expects the matter to be completed yesterday, but is always on the phone chasing you, thereby preventing you from getting on with their (or anybody else’s) matter.
  • The litigation client, who ignores all your advice to settle, thereby increasing the work,  but then complains about the size of your bill.

Nearlylegal also points out the public’s low level of esteem for lawyers. With such aggravation from all sides, in future only those with pathologically masochistic tendencies will want to join the profession.