Bang goes that post

June 13, 2007

No doubt much to the disappointment of many bloggers, Sir Stephen Richards has been cleared of exposing himself. Damn.


On the ball

May 19, 2007

Nice to see that our judiciary is on the ball as usual. The Telegraph today reports an “internet terrorism” trial in which the judge admitted that he had no idea what a website was.

Reminds me of this Not the Nine O’Clock News sketch. I wonder if Mr Justice Openshaw knows what a ‘deluxe model inflatable woman’ is?

Expensive fancy dress

February 4, 2007

I enjoyed this post by Ruthie on geeklawyer. The whole system of “taking silk” is typical of our  legal system – elitist and archaic. What other job application requires payment of a £3000 fee? Come to that, what other application requires the payment of any fee? Not that I feel sorry for the applicants – they obviously have money to burn, and know that if they’re successful they’ll have the privilege of charging an enormous premium for doing the same work. However, the real reason for applying is not the money, but the chance to look extremely silly in public – their ‘ceremonial dress’ including black breeches and black stockings instead of trousers, patent leather Court shoes with buckles, the same black frock coat and waistcoat seen when in Court but with added lace trimmings, white cotton gloves, a wig with a black rosette and, of course, a silk gown.

A solicitor with balls

October 26, 2006

Further to my previous post I see New Zealand solicitor Rob Moodie is up to it again. Now he has officially changed his name to ‘Miss Alice’, ‘Miss’ being his new christian name. I’ve got to say the man has balls (or not, as the case may be).

Little Hitlers

August 17, 2006

I suppose most litigation solicitors have had the misfortune to come across one. Why is it that some District Judges insist on being as awkward, pedantic and downright bloody minded as they can? No using a common-sense approach to ensure that matters keep ticking over smoothly here. For them, the Rule Book is a tool to ensure that the experience of using the court is as difficult and painful as possible for all concerned. Left a  word out of a pleading? Too bad, you’ll have to start all over again (and pay another extortionate court fee). Forgotten to serve someone, despite the fact that it makes no difference? Sorry, now the whole process will have to grind to a halt and you’ll have to pay the wasted costs. Brilliant.

What is it that makes some District Judges so perverse as to make many local solicitors issue proceedings in other courts just to avoid them? Is it the power? Or is it that they are just naturally awkward sods?

Dragging the system into the present

July 25, 2006

OK, not the English legal system, but I would like to congratulate New Zealand lawyer Rob Moodie (or should I say ‘Ms Alice’?) for wearing women’s clothing in court to highlight male bias within their justice system. Apparently, he/she appeared at Wellington’s High Court on Monday in a blue women’s suit, stockings and a diamond brooch. He has said that he wants to flag up the domination of the “old boys’ network” in the judiciary and that “the more this goes on and the deeper the cover-up gets, the frocks will get prettier”. He’d be wearing an extremely pretty dress then if he were over here.

It’s the end of the world

July 4, 2006

Well, I’ve just lost all respect for the courts system. I found out that yesterday barristers and High Court judges were given permission to remove their wigs during court proceedings, due to the hot weather. I mean, how can you possibly respect someone if they’re not wearing an old piece of smelly yellowing horsehair on their head?